Support Groups, Workshops, and Classes (Online & Traditional)

16. SIA Step Study Meeting

Survivors of Incest Anonymous is an organization which uses a twelve-step framework to deal with issues arising from abuse. SIA defines "incest" very broadly: anyone who has experienced any kind of sexual abuse as a child can join, basically. For more information on their definition of incest, check out

This is an open meeting, which means that anyone can attend. In order to post and to read many posts, you will have to create a livejournal account, come back to this page, and click the link near the top that says "join this community."

In order to speak in this meeting, you will have to join it and then go to the page to "update your journal" and type in whatever you want to say. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of that page and select "siastepstudy" next to "post to" - otherwise you will just be writing in your own Livejournal and nobody here will see it!

If you want only members of this meeting to be able to read what you share (as opposed to anyone who happens to see this page), be sure to select "Friends" (not "Public" or "Private" or "Custom") next to "Security" at the bottom of the page.