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7. Survivors of Incest Anonymous

Survivors of Incest Anonymous operates under the following Mission Statement: 

We empower those who have survived childhood sexual abuse (who are not abusing any child), who want to become survivors and thrivers.

Using our experience, strength, and hope, we do this by:

  • maintaining a world-wide directory of SIA, self-help, support ​groups (meetings)

  • providing information to start SIA groups, ​intergroups, and national service ​offices

  • creating and distributing SIA ​information tools ​(literature, ​newsletter, electronic ​media)

  • guiding SIA’s public information efforts ​worldwide

  • offering a speakers’ bureau

Survivors of Incest Anonymous employs a twelve-step self-help recovery program for survivors of child sexual abuse and they define incest very broadly. There are no dues or fees. Survivors of Incest Anonymous provides support groups, literature, pen-pals, bulletins, and speakers. 

For more information, see the following:

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SIA World Service Office


Phone:  1-877-742-9761

Address:  SIAWSO, PO Box 7078, Pittsburgh, PA 15212